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Review of I'd Rather Be Reading, or My Own Love Letter to Anne

I was a new mother, a handful of months into parenting. I was sleep deprived and a little lonely. I had succeeded in finding a good daily routine that involved a lineup of podcasts. (I've been a podcast listener since about 2010, so basically forever.) One podcast led me to a blog that led me to the 2013 Summer Reading Guide on the blog Modern Mrs. Darcy.

Making my way through that summer reading guide opened me up to the world of good contemporary literature. I came to the library and the bookstore more and more confident, solidifying my adult reader identity. I started a chapter in my own reading life that ironically involved blogs and the internet. For the first time in a long time, my reading life started to feel like a part of a community rather than something I just did alone.

For the longest time I referred to Anne Bogel as Modern Mrs. Darcy, and over the years as I read her blog faithfully and then devotedly downloaded her weekly podcast, I came to refer to her as Anne. An…

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