31 things about me

Today is my birthday! I'm turning 31 and thoroughly loving being in my 30s. This blog and my bookstagram account are both less than a year old, and so I thought it fitting to share some facts about me, some bookish, some not. Let's get started!

  1. I graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor's degree in English literature and a minor in editing.
  2. If I could have switched my major and minor I would have, but editing wasn't a major program then. 
  3. I hate literary theory and was only an English major because I love reading.

  4. I use my editing skills all the time as a freelance editor.
  5. I'm a stay-at-home mom to my two children.
  6. I grew up in Denver, Colorado.
  7. I've called Portland, Oregon, home for the past eight years.
  8. We moved here because my husband got a job in his hometown after graduation.
  9. He's an electrical engineer.
  10. We're basically opposites.
  11. No really, our Myers-Briggs types are exact opposites: I'm an ISFJ and he's an ENTP.
  12. We dated twice: the first time he broke my heart, and the second time (a year and a half later) he figuratively grovelled. It worked.
  13. He proposed in Powell's City of Books.
  14. We celebrate eight years this fall.
  15. I'm an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  16. My favorite dessert category is cake.
  17. But if pressed to pick one specific favorite dessert, it would have to be chocolate cream pie.
  18. The first book that legitimately scared me was The Hidden Staircase (Nancy Drew!); the man in the gorilla mask peeping the window at the end of chapter 2 made it hard for me to sleep.
  19. I credit The Chosen by Chaim Potok for my correctly spelling Freudian correctly in the sixth grade spelling bee.
  20. The Gilmore Girls Netflix revival kind of jaded my opinion of the entire series.
  21. I applied to Yale because of Rory Gilmore.
  22. I was not accepted.
  23. Fresh flowers are my love language.
  24. I love to sew my own clothes, and I'm pretty good at it.
  25. But I haven't sewn very much in the past couple of years.
  26. After my second baby, I had pretty bad postpartum anxiety.
  27. I still take medication for my anxiety, and it's so much more manageable than it used to be.
  28. Advocating for mental health is something I'm incredibly passionate about.
  29. Fredrik Backman is my favorite contemporary writer.
  30. I kept my childhood library card through college.
  31. I have listened to the Harry Potter series dozens of times.
Any questions? I'm happy to answer! And I want to know something about you.


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